A Center for Community Health Innovation

Con-Vivir is Spanish for “Living Well Together”.  Our new home will be a space where everyone can discover their gifts and develop their skills and abilities.

We will offer programs in mental health and wellness in a nurturing environment.  Our focus will be to include those who are often excluded such as those isolated by poverty, language, culture, race or conditions such as mental health challenges, deafness or autism.



What Does Con-Vivir Mean For South Jersey?

Living Well Together

A space for culturally accessible instruction in health and healing, relationships and mindfulness as well as low cost walk-in counseling available evenings and weekends.

Connecting Well Together

A safe place where skilled community navigators help people find the resources they need to thrive and contribute.  A space that ensures access regardless of language, culture, poverty or disability.

Thriving Well Together

A creative space where community organizations, school, churches and art, cultural and service groups can collaborate to help uncover the abilities and potential that lies within each person, helping them develop network of support.

Working Well Together

A space to foster the training and development of un- and under-employed South Jersey residents who wish to become behavioral health professionals and help address our area’s critical shortage of culturally-informed, Spanish-speaking and American Sign Language fleet providers.

Where We Can Be Together

Join us as a partner and help us connect, learn and thrive by creating Con-Vivir.  We will be located in downtown Hammonton a regional hub that is easily accessible by major roads and public transportation  It is close to schools, Stockton University’s Hammonton campus, store, medical services and job.

Who We Serve Together

Con-Vivie Wellness Hub will be a space of connection for the entire community to share resources.  Allies In Caring is committed to including people isolated by property, language, culture, race or conditions such as mental health challenges, deafness or autism.  We have special expertise in serving Latinos, immigrants and families with members who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing who will all be vital partners in building a culture of wellness and inclusion.

Join us Today!

Naming opportunities are available.  

Please contact jweyers@alliesincaring.com for information.